Kenneth Asmus, master carpenter and company owner in Copenhagen, shows how to be innovative when working with Broadway Plank floors. Not only has he installed Broadway plank floors to decorate his entire apartment, he has also used the plank floor to build several furniture.

Kenneth Asmus Tarding

Master carpenter, ASMUS – SNEDKER & DESIGN

I choose to install a Broadway engineered plank floor at home, says master carpenter Hans Kurt Pedersen.

The thick planks are easy to install. You can fix the floor using nails, concealed screws or glue, but always remember to glue the joints. We installed our floor with screws and mahogany plugs. It is a good-looking floor, says the master carpenter whom now has 70 square meters installed at home. It is good quality plank floor with a nice finish. As a professional craftsman, it was a nice experience working with Broadway plank floor and I can only recommend it.

Hans Kurt Pedersen

Master carpenter, Morud Tømrer og Snedkerforretning