Ash is a very popular choice for Danish homes. It is a powerful and handy type of wood that because of its bright colour and warm brownish core colour and texture fits very well into bright rooms. The brown core provides a beautiful and lively play of colour in the tree. We use European ash, which is largely Danish. Danish ash is characterized by being extra light and tough.

Broadway Plank Floor has bevelled edges on the long sides

The bevelled edges create a whole new look on your floor and it is exciting to watch how it changes during the day, depending on how light falls on the planks.


– 15 mm isn’t keept in stock, but can be procured when ordered.

ASK 21 mm

Plankebredde og længde: 220 mm x 2200 mm

Tykkelse: 21 mm – heraf 6 mm toplag i massivt træ

Sortering: Select eller Rustik

Antal m² pr pakke: 1,94
Pris pr. m²:  Kontakt os for aktuel dagspris


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2. Behandlet med OSMO 3111+OSMO 3062.
3. Behandlet med hvid matlak.

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